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orvosi műszer


Optitech Plus Trade and Services Ltd.

8 Dobó street, Budapest 1161


+36 (1) 405-3841

+36 (1) 405-3844


+36 (30) 231-1128
+36 (30) 356-3323
+36 (30) 356-0360



My status

High quality medical equipment!


The Optitech Plus Ltd. has been a reliable supplier of Hungarian hospitals and healthcare institutions, since 2004. In the beginning, our company had assumed a role in the repair service and distribution of endoscopic optics and as a result, became a known and respected organization in Hungary.

Our company has improved dinamically in the last years. In response to the challenging economic situation, in February 2010, our company has expanded its profile, and in addition to the purchase of new medical devices began selling used medical equipment and products in excellent condition.

Our mission

With our products and services we would like to contribute to the health institutions’ calm and safe work ’from the demand to the implementation’.

Our aim

In addition to the daily contact with health care providers to explore the needs of our partners and their implementation.

How we operate

We would like to help our clients in their daily work with excellent international companies’ products in the areas of anaesthesia and intensive care, surgery, emergency care and diagnostic imaging.

Parallel with the sale of our new medical devices, our company assumed a role also in the selling of equipment, which represent perfect quality, have warranty, are overstored or used as demo equipment, by enjoying the support of more reliable foreign suppliers. Our company provides reliable service background and 12 months guarantee to all so called ’used medical equipment’, which have been sold by us.

Our web store had been established for this purpose, where you can find daily updated information about our products, 24 hours a day.


We undertake

    - the purchasing of medical equipment according to the needs, and creating the financial background of the procurement
    - the existing medical equipment maintenance and repair service
    - the annual, technical and safety review of hospital equipment
    - the dispatch and destruction of scrapped and not re-usable products



    - qualified supplier partners
    - more than 20 years of medical technology, hospital technology and repair service experience
    - coordinated work of our skilled staff, well-functioning regional representations
    - stable pecuniary base, reliable financial background
    - more than 90% customer satisfaction